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pet_assist's Journal

Assisting Pet Owners of all sorts
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All Members , Moderated
Do you love your pet(s)?

Do you have lot's of pets?

Would you like to show off photos and wierd quirks of your pet(s)?

Do you have problems training your pet?

Do you need help with behavioral issues in your pet?

Health concerns about your pet?


You've reached the right place.

This community is for people who have pets of any sort. To get help, inspiration, and care assistance.

People who need help and can give help are welcome to join.


1. If it's pet related you're welcome to post about any new or current pets, give information about yourself and or tell the community who you are and what you hope to get out of being a member and or what you can give being a member.

2. Just don't be rude. Please keep opinions of animal abuse to yourself. Do not attack any members. If you attack members I will delete you off our members list and report your abuse to LJ immediately. This is for assistance, not opinionated attacks! Think about your choice of words and how harmful they can be. Please avoid negativity at all times.

3. You are welcome to post pics, but please only show one main pic and lj cut the rest.

4. Breeders are welcome but be pleasant when posting your opinion and/or experiences to others.

5. Most of all DO NOT FORCE YOUR OPINION ON SOMEONE ELSE. Give advice and let them research your advice. For those who recieved advice and researched it please feel free to make a new post about your findings.

This is an educational, informative, good vibes, and loving community. I want it to stay that way.

Maintainer and Moderator: treeshaman