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Assisting Pet Owners of all sorts

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3/27/07 11:07 am - mongrel

Is this community very widely promoted? It's kind of dead...

10/18/06 10:52 pm - meeper - Another question

For some reason my anole is having a hard time climbing that sides of his tank. When I first got him he had no problem. I've been spraying the water closer to the bottom of the tank because I want the poor little guy to be able to drink!

Has this happened to any of your lizards? Any suggestions?

10/16/06 10:13 pm - meeper - New to the group with questions


I just bought a baby Anole this past weekend and I understand how to take care of him. I just worry, because he really hasn't touched the food I've put out for him. I know to feed him every other day. They told me banana baby food, anole food, and crickets are the best to feed them. So far I gave him the baby food saturday and today I gave him the baby food mixed with the anole food. Does it usually take them awhile to take interest in their food? I know he shed his skin last night and ate that and he's been drinking when I spray his tank. 

Maybe I'm just being a worried new mommy :)


10/16/06 08:29 pm - xylophonicpetco

I need help please! I have only had my Bahaman Anole for about a year now and just today I noticed he was laying plat on his belly with his eyes closed. I was scared for a moment until he oppened his eyes, I decided to feed him when I realized he wasn't motivng. I put my hand it the cage and gave him a little push and he fell over right on his back. I picked him up, which was unusual, and I realized that his back legs were somehow paralized. I set him back in but his feet are getting stuck to everything. I put him on the floor of his cage so he could reach his water and crickets but I'm afraid he wont make it until morning.

Do you know how this could have happened or what it is??

9/20/06 10:50 pm - grayissexy - Advice?

I need advice!

I just got an 8 week old Bulldog about a week and a half ago. Up until a couple of days ago, everthing has been completely fine; but for the last few days, she has been defecating constantly and her behind is SO red. I took her to the vet today and he found an intestinal parasite (coccidia (sp?)) and he gave her medicine for it. He also said he was concerned that she may be incontinent. Tonight, I was holding her and she had diahrea for a solid hour on a towel I had in my lap. There were traces of blood in it. I didn't know what to do for her besides hold her and wait for her to finish.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has encountered this kind of problem. I feel so badly for my puppy, but its going to be very difficult for my to find the time to clean up after her constantly if this is going to be an ongoing problem.

6/4/06 07:51 pm - almostangelic

**Sick Kitten Update**Collapse )

5/26/06 10:11 pm - almostangelic - The news for the sick kittens is great!!

I took three of the babies to the vet today and he almost blew me away. What an amazing guy. He was straight forward and honest and seemed to know exactly what he was on about. He took one look at the kittens and said “Cat Flu”. I asked him about the swollen eyes and the sneezing etc and he said that the eyes are conjunctivitis, a secondary infection, and the rest of the symptoms are just like ours when we’re suffering from the flu. He walked out of the room, returned in a couple of minutes with a serum called Betamox Palatable Drops. It smells delicious. He administered half a pipette to each kitten and then swabbed their eyes with cotton wool and finally inserted some Ilium Chloroint (active constituents Chloramphenicol and Hydrocortisone Acetate). He said this combination will have them well on the way to recovery within a few days. I asked him about bathing their eyes and he said it’s a good idea to clean away the build up of gunk. Despite medicating all three, he only charged me for one and the entire consult, including the medicine, was roughly $60. He said that if the symptoms persisted or if other kittens developed symptoms and I ran out of the medication, he would prescribe me some more without another consult.

When I got out to my car, I had to take a few deep breaths to keep myself from crying. What wonderful news. No euthanising and no blind kitties.  What an amazing vet.

Oh! I also bought bulk kitty litter from the vet which was $3 cheaper than the exact same thing at the local produce place.

It’s been a good day. I really want to say thank you to EVERY SINGLE PERSON who commented, whether you had advice or not. It takes time to type out your thoughts and they all mean so much to me. I really hope life is as wonderful to you as you have been to me.

Some quite disturbing pics of the kittens current condition. If noone minds, I will post again in about a week, showing their progress. ”Here”/Collapse )

5/23/06 11:09 pm - almostangelic

I so desperately need some help.
I'm so sorry for the lengthy post, but I seriously need some advice...Collapse )

x-posted like mad.

4/11/06 09:30 pm - poetryandtruths

Henwrinkle, my hamster, seems depressed. First, he was an active fellow, escaping his cage three times in one week. Now he stops at random times in his hamster ball. He just stands there, and stares, as if he's frozen. It lasts like ten to fifteen minutes, sometimes a little bit longer. Sometimes we have to provoke him until he gets out of this.

I'm worried about the little guy. Does anyone know what might be wrong with him, and what we should do about it? I'm afraid he has diarrhea, and he might pass.

4/3/06 08:32 pm - component - so much conflicting info

hello, i am getting way too much conflicting information on the net. i want this crap cleared up! *vents in frustration......k done*.

ok lol my problem:

fishless cycling. one site tells me i can add in all my fish at once when the cycling is complete. another forum tells me i can only add one or two fish at a time. wtf? which one is it?

one site tells me to add ammonia in once and stop until nitrite is measurable. another site tells me to keep adding ammonia until nitrite is measurable and spikes and then reduce the amount added until nitrate is measurable. wtf? which is it?

then i am told at a fish specialist store (not just a common run of the mill all pets store) that 6 fish in a 20 gallon tank is fine. and yet on this other forum i frequent i am told that 1 fish per ten gallons is pushing it. wtf? which is it?

i want some clear cut, straight answers. can anyone point me in the direction of some sort of credible source of info? this is really frustrating me.
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