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Female dog with Cystitus with low SG

This post is directed towards either vets, people who lots of experience with vets, or pet-owners who have been through similar experiences.

About 2 months ago, I moved to South Korea with my 50lbs dalmatian mutt, who is 10 years old (I know, kind of silly!!). When she came over here, I noticed she started drinking lots of water, and she also started to need to go out around 3am to pee, if didn't walk her late the night before. Just yesterday I noticed blood in her urine, and today I took her to the vet. He diagnosed her with cystitus, and gave me a 3 week supply of anitbiotics, and some medicine to help with her "normal flora" (the good bacteria in her stomach - I don't know if they call the supplement "normal flora" in English, since this is taking place in Korea. My vet's English is ok, but there might be some differences here and there)

At any rate, this seems to be a normal for large female dogs from what I found online. What has me worried is that her urine had an SG of 1.01, and as you all probably know, the normal SG is greater than or equal to 1.035. We are testing her again in one week. While I know that the SG can fluctuate, I'm worried, because she's been drinking lots of water of late, and if I don't walk her right before I go to bed (around 11pm or so), she asks to be taken out around 3am to pee. Could this indicate there is something wrong with her kidneys? I don't think there could be any major kidney failure at this point, since she seems really healthy, but I was wondering what sort of kidney problems she might have with a low SG.

Sorry for the wordy post, but I wanted to make sure I had the story straight.
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