blasphemy is a blast for me (meeper) wrote in pet_assist,
blasphemy is a blast for me

I wish more people would fucking post here

I posted awhile back to see if anyone could help me out with my anole Zoey. Well, she's dead now. I found her in her tank on one of the fake leaves.
It would have been nice if someone on here could have helped me out before hand. I did try feeding her more and putting her in another tank from the other anole, but nothing did any good.
But yeah...thanks for the help...or lack there of.

RIP Zoey.
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Hey now. I'm sorry your pet passed, and I'm sorry that folks here weren't able to help you. I'm sure you're just upset, but I would hope you called a vet rather than laying all your hopes on the internet. I don't know about the other folks who watch this, but I had to look up what an anole was when you posted. No advice is better than bad advice which might have killed it quicker. I have 0 experience with that kind of pet so all I can offer is my condolences.