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12/27/09 12:18 am - colonelperry42n - Female dog with Cystitus with low SG

This post is directed towards either vets, people who lots of experience with vets, or pet-owners who have been through similar experiences.

About 2 months ago, I moved to South Korea with my 50lbs dalmatian mutt, who is 10 years old (I know, kind of silly!!). When she came over here, I noticed she started drinking lots of water, and she also started to need to go out around 3am to pee, if didn't walk her late the night before. Just yesterday I noticed blood in her urine, and today I took her to the vet. He diagnosed her with cystitus, and gave me a 3 week supply of anitbiotics, and some medicine to help with her "normal flora" (the good bacteria in her stomach - I don't know if they call the supplement "normal flora" in English, since this is taking place in Korea. My vet's English is ok, but there might be some differences here and there)

At any rate, this seems to be a normal for large female dogs from what I found online. What has me worried is that her urine had an SG of 1.01, and as you all probably know, the normal SG is greater than or equal to 1.035. We are testing her again in one week. While I know that the SG can fluctuate, I'm worried, because she's been drinking lots of water of late, and if I don't walk her right before I go to bed (around 11pm or so), she asks to be taken out around 3am to pee. Could this indicate there is something wrong with her kidneys? I don't think there could be any major kidney failure at this point, since she seems really healthy, but I was wondering what sort of kidney problems she might have with a low SG.

Sorry for the wordy post, but I wanted to make sure I had the story straight.

4/9/09 02:08 am - dallasandpurdy - hi i work at petco

hi  i am  a currently  working  at  petco   so  if you need any   advice let  me know

6/14/08 06:56 am - serahndipity - Some help for a nervous rabbit keeper

Hi there! First off, if you see this in any other communities in, i apologize for cross-posting on my first post. I'm basically looking for as wide a swath of suggestions i can get, so i can see what sort of options i have. I've been through some FAQ's on the magical intarwebs, etc., but i was hoping for advice geared specifically towards myself and my lovely little bunny Norbert. I'm going to cut this for brevity (as i tend to be sort of long-winded) but, click here for the full explanationCollapse )of what and why i need help.

6/13/08 04:17 pm - ultragrrrl - a new social network for animal lovers!

Hey guys, I thought you all might be really interested in ZooToo.com which is a new social network for animal lovers (just like I said in the subject haha). I actually found my groomer with it using their pet services function. So if you're like me and have a dog AND a cat, this is a place where you can put them (and other kinds of pets/animals) up in your own zoo. there's also pet news, meet-up groups, product reviews by members, and tons of other stuff.

Anyway, just thought I'd share. I'm looking to gain friends on there! OH and i almost forgot to mention that they do good for the animal community by making over shelters and giving a portion of the ad rev gained by people being on the site to shelters. i think that the more you use the site/invite people/make friends, the more $$ goes to the shelter of your choice... hence my motivation to get friends!!!!

Add me!!!!


5/3/08 11:29 pm - meeper - Just bought a rat

I read that it's best to have 2 rats together instead of one alone, but I'm new to this and just want one for now. Do you think he'll be ok as long as he gets time to play out of the cage once in awhile?

4/29/08 09:57 am - ilovemygoats - Unexpected Vet Bills

We are now in need of donations to help offset some recent vet bills when one of the goats broke off a horn on Sunday 4/20/08. She had to have a surgical removal of the exposed root and also needed antibiotics. Vet bill came to $143.00, antibiotics $10.50 Please donate if you can. Thank you!

Paypal account info


If you do not feel comfortable using PayPal and wish to donate by check, you can message me and I will supply you with my postal address.

And please everyone, keep us in your thoughts and prayers that we find a farm soon. We are still looking.

Thank you
Sharon & the animals of Paint Creek Animal Rescue

4/14/08 01:26 pm - ilovemygoats - Animal rescue in need of help ASAP

Please help our cause. I recently lost my job and the rescue needs some financial help to continue feeding and caring for the animals. We need bales of hay for the goats and bags of feed. Lots of food for the feral cats. Two geriatric indoor kitties need expensive prescription formula food for renal failure. If you can donate, even if it is just a dollar, please click the banner. THANK YOU


6/12/07 12:35 pm - meeper - Another dead anole :(

I hate not having any money to go to the vets. My anole had black spots behind it's eyes for a few days. Little did I know this is a sign of illness. Today my anole all of the sudden had this convulsion and then slowly died.
I've had him since last October. I have no idea what went wrong. :(

At least I haven't killed my cat yet.

4/21/07 08:47 pm - meeper - I wish more people would fucking post here

I posted awhile back to see if anyone could help me out with my anole Zoey. Well, she's dead now. I found her in her tank on one of the fake leaves.
It would have been nice if someone on here could have helped me out before hand. I did try feeding her more and putting her in another tank from the other anole, but nothing did any good.
But yeah...thanks for the help...or lack there of.

RIP Zoey.

4/18/07 05:46 pm - meeper - My female anole

I have 2 anoles. One male, the other female. The male is very healthy and big. The female, however, is very tiny and skinny. I'm very worried for her. She still moves around fine, but is she not eating enough? She let me hold her today and I tried feeding her by hand, but she wasn't interested. I'm going to try and feed her in a different tank when I get crickets from now on and see if that helps. Maybe the male is hogging all of the food?

Anymore suggestions? Do you think she'll be ok?
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